Our Approach

We do things a bit differently around here.

  • No Nonsense

    We hate B.S. and bet you do too. That's why we never create manipulative, frustrating and straight up gross courses and resources. That's our promise to you.

  • Actionable Content

    There's nothing like spinning your wheels trying to decide what to do first. That's why our courses and resources are immediately actionable, designed to move you forward.

  • Strategy First

    We understand that the why is as important as the how and what. That's why everything we create takes a strategy-first approach—so you can be laser focused on your goals with context.

Kristy A, Tech Industry

Thank you!

Kristy A, Tech Industry

Thanks for being such a great teacher and inspiration! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!
Rebecca R., Consultant

Incredibly Helpful!

Rebecca R., Consultant

Incredibly helpful, learned a ton, excited to understand what my new website can do for me.
Rae T.

The Solution I Wasn't Even Looking For

Rae T.

Thank you Sarah for creating this free mini-course. I previously had someone ask me to use a service to make my website more accessible. I really did want to serve ALL, but as a solopreneur, I felt that I could not add one more to-do on every blog post I published. Roughly a year later, I learned about this course and I am SO GLAD I did. It only took a few minutes to implement and now my site is friendly to everyone. Thank you!



  • How long will I have access to the materials?

    Paid courses will have access to the materials as long as the course exists or remains current. We will give you 60 days notice before removing any content. Free course access may be removed after 60 days, but feel free to re-sign up if you need access again!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Do to the digital nature of these products, refunds are not available.

  • What if I have a problem?

    Contact us at josh@sarahmoon.net and we'll help you out!

  • Can I share this class with someone?

    No, each student needs to registered as an individual. Contact us at josh@sarahmoon.net for a group license.